Balmain Hair Filler

48 % of women experience hair loss so don’t suffer in silence

The volume secret filler is perfect for disguising thinning patches or even patches of alopecia without anyone knowing. Volume Secret is a revolutionary tool which gives the client’s hair on top, body and more volume. It is made of hand selected high quality 100% human hair and is not noticeable whilst wearing. It is up to the owner to reveal the secret… Volume Secret is applied with tiny, pressure sensitive clips, which makes it re-usable on a daily basis. Also the client doesn’t have to worry about damaging their natural hair. After a demonstration by the stylist it is an easy do-it-yourself-product, applied in only five minutes.

Volume Secret is available in 12 colour combinations
– including 3 natural grey tones

This is a perfect alternative if you have not got enough of your own natural hair to cover the bonds that are used with our permanent extensions