Russian Mongolian Weft

CrownCouture travelled far and wide to source this perfect blend of hair. They selected raw hair from different countries including Russia and Mongolia, and blended them together to exploit the individual strengths of each race of hair. This hair is silky soft just like typical Russian hair yet strong and durable like typical Mongolian hair.

The hairs are sourced only from young healthy donors to ensure that the hair they collect is in the best possible condition. They have also developed the processing techniques in such a manner that the condition of the hair is not lost through rapid colour processing. This hair is processed slowly to maintain a beautiful, soft and shiny hair that will retain its vitality for up to a year and beyond. This hair is thick from root to tip giving the client a fuller finish.


CrownCouture hair guarantees the client extra long wearing time. The hair will remain soft, silky and manageable for extended periods of use. With the correct aftercare, the same batch of hair can easily be reinstalled multiple times making luxury hair extensions affordable to the average user.


All our hair DOUBLE DRAWN. Through meticulous sorting, the shorter hairs are removed from the raw bundle, leaving almost all of the hairs the same length. This means our Brazilian hair ranges are extremely thick from root to tip giving the wearer a much fuller finish.

LA, Hollywood or Cali weft also available

*Prices for Hair Wefts with fitting included;

16” Volume Service £181.00 Volume & Lengthening Service £318.00
18” Volume Service £192.00 Volume & Lengthening Service £334.00
20” Volume Service £195.00 Volume & Lengthening Service £340.00

Prices are based on a average person.

Depending on the density (thickness) of your hair the price may be higher or lower depending if more or less hair is required. This will be discussed on your free consultation